Bringing the Polish Canadian Community Together

In the Fall of 2023 through the efforts of the Polish Heritage Society of Edmonton, and the many Polish Societies and Organizations, we will be opening Centre Polonia. A 20,000 square foot facility, just south of the Polish Hall, that pays tribute to Polish heritage for the over 72.000 Edmontonians that consider themselves “Polish”. A place where we can preserve, enjoy and share the tastes, sounds, fashions, arts, crafts, culture, history and fellowship of our heritage with all of our friends.

Cement Your Family Legacy

To make Centre Polonia a reality, we will need your help. As a member of our proud Polish community you can solidify your legacy and add your family name as one of the donor builders of this amazing gathering place. From individual donations to large sponsorship opportunities, there is a place for everyone to be a part of building this permanent celebration of our heritage. For more information, please contact us today and we will reach out to you about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

A Destination for All Edmontonians

Over 72,000 Edmontonians identify as Polish, and our community is large and proud. We now have the opportunity to share and showcase the Polish experience with all Edmontonians. To create a place where we can be proud of our roots and celebrate our culture. The new Centre Polonia will have spaces to carry out cultural activities such as Polish dance, Saturday Polish schools, and traditional Polish dining.

Located south of the Polish Hall, Centre Polonia will be a beacon for our vibrant community and a place we can call home. Not just for the Polish community but for every Edmontonian, whether you have Polish heritage or not. With a restaurant, cafe, classrooms, dance studios, meeting places for community groups, and a Polish store, this will be something that will benefit the amazing City of Edmonton as a whole.

Full Website coming January, 2022

Evolution of the Centre Polonia Logo

Using creative and artistic licence, we have fashioned the historic and official Polish Eagle into an innovative and modern styled icon while staying true to its shape and posture, and keeping in line with the original depiction of being regal, bold and proud.

Support Through Shopping

You’ll be able to make purchases through our online store with all profits going to cover construction costs.

Free Electrostatic Sticker

You’ll receive a beautiful, FREE, non-adhesive sticker emblazoned with the sharp new Centre Polonia eagle just by filling out the “Find Out More” form.

Every Dollar Counts

You’ll be able to participate in many ways including general donations, planned giving, sponsorships, naming rights, auctions and programs such as joining the “Polonia Family”, cementing your name as one of the donor builders of this amazing project.

Full site will be available in January, 2022.

Honouring Our Past. Building Our Future.

Our goal is to bring the Polish Canadian community in Edmonton together, to unite the different organizations and to ensure future generations continue to feel a sense of belonging, community and culture.

The new Centre Polonia will increase the profile of the Polish community, and highlight the contributions we have made to building a safe, prosperous and strong Edmonton. It will instil pride in Polish culture, language and traditions. This will be a gathering place for all Edmontonians to enjoy Polish culture and traditions. A place for our youth to learn, grow, meet new friends, and make lasting memories in a safe and stimulating environment.